• 【New Product】Scratch-resistant Laminating Film

    【New Product】Scratch-resistant Laminating Film

    Introduction: Scratch-resistant Laminating Film has been recently researched by R&D team. The film presents high transparency, the rmostability and high hardness after coated with scratch-resistant nano compound on the surface of PET. Features: Superior scratch-resistance and chemical resi...
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  • Fire knowledge in mind, life safety in hand

    Fire knowledge in mind, life safety in hand

    In order to comprehensively strengthen the company’s fire safety work, improve the awareness of fire safety and self-rescue ability of all employees, and check the coordination of personnel from all levels and departments in the process of dealing with emergencies, the company organized all...
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  • Help Coronavirus vaccine micro-love volunteers in action

    To better implement the spirit of the National Conference on Novel Coronavirus Vaccination. We will give full play to the active role of young volunteers in epidemic prevention and control. Help to complete the official Linzhen inoculation target tasks as scheduled. Since April 2nd, Weai Charity ...
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  • Everyone is a securior,everywhere are security posts.

    In order to further deepen the construction of enterprise safety culture, the implementation of the safety production system, the company set up the “safety guarantee party building working group”, in the safety planning, safety training, safety production several major links under th...
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  • Green travel, Ecological Yixing — Yixing Wangzhe Laminating Film Co.,Ltd civilized climbing activities.

    With spring and flowers blossoming, the epidemic situation has been relieved, and the general public is enthusiastic about traveling. On April 10th, the company organized a mountaineering activity of “environmentally friendly traveling and ecological Yixing”. During the process of cli...
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  • Emergency escape and fire drill

    On July 22nd, our company united with Guanlin Fire Squadron to carry out emergency escape and fire drill activities. Members of the fire squadron popularize the knowledge and skills of emergency escape and fire fighting through special speeches and field practice, improve the fire safety awarenes...
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  • Wuxi city part of the “two new” organization party organization responsible person to visit the party branch of the WANGZHE.

    For implementation of the national key task, the provincial grass-roots party construction advance will spirit, further advanced typical demonstration leading role play, promote the “two new” organization in wuxi city party organization of the advanced, rushed to carry, comprehensive...
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  • Scholastic Wangzhe “read” dynamic youth

    Create a city of learning and enjoy a better life. On April 25th, the 8th Yixing Book Reading Festival and Book Fair was officially launched, organized by Yixing Press and Publication Bureau (Copyright Bureau), Yixing Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau and co-organized by 14 other or...
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  • 【New Product】Easy Lamination Film

    Easy lamination film is a kind of one-sided cold lamination film, which is intermittently coated with high-quality PET film, with transparent PET release film attached on the back. No need to heat, no need to use the machine for lamination, protect the file clear and beautiful. It can be used to ...
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  • Guanlin Town, the new era of civilization practice theory preaching and walking activities into our company

    On March 8, Guanlin Town New era civilization practice theory preaching into our company, Yixing City Market Supervision Administration Food Safety Supervision Section Xu Bo deputy section chief, for our staff and workers to bring a “young people, giant heart” theme preaching. By sha...
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  • Emergency escape and fire drills

    On July 22 th, our company carried out emergency escape and fire drill activities in conjunction with Guanlin Fire fighting team. Through special speeches and on-site exercises, firefighters popularize the knowledge and skills of emergency escape and fire fighting for the employees of the compan...
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  • Changes in Traditional Stores under New Retail: Changes in Traditional Stores Marketing Patterns

    In the new retail model, what will happen to the marketing of traditional stores? Location Let’s start with the location. The location of traditional retail stores is based on experience, and the location in the new retail mode is not based on experience, but based on data and consumer fee...
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