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  • Corporate good: guarding the stars, we’re moving

    Corporate good: guarding the stars, we’re moving

    If God closes a door for autistic children, sincerely hope that society can open a window for them. To welcome the 12th World Autism Concern Day, people pay more attention to autism and related research and diagnosis, as well as autism patients. March 30, sponsored by Yixing City Disabled People...
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  • At the time of the new era of civilization ,| love helps students

    At the time of the new era of civilization ,| love helps students

    In order to fully reflect the concern for rural schools, pay attention to the study and life of new citizens students, and further practice the new era civilization, on April 15, Yixing City King Plastic Seal Co., Ltd. joined the Yixing City Wei Ai Public Welfare Square volunteer small team, into...
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  • Passing on May 4th Fire to Show Your Honor

    Passing on May 4th Fire to Show Your Honor

    A hundred years of wind and rain, a century of vicissitudes of change. May 4th is the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. In order to commemorate the May 4th Movement, remember the May 4th Movement pioneers, carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement, along the correct road pursued b...
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  • Commonweal teaching cards —— guard the stars in a kingly way

    Autism, also known as autism, is a congenital physiological disease that is more common than imagined. There is such a group of children, we call them “the children of the stars “, medically they are called autistic children. They have an incomprehension pattern of thinking from dista...
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  • Leverage new channels to discover new business opportunities/YIXING WANGZHE LAMINATING FILM CO.,LTD LIVE SHOW

     At 10:00 on June 15th, the 127th Canton Fair opened in the “cloud”, and YIXING WANGZHE LAMINATING FILM CO.,LTD Live Broadcasting Room was opened on time with the careful preparation of the staff. Wangzhe  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of functional extrude...
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  • Welcome customers to participate in our 127th Canton Fair Online

    From June 15th to June 25th, the 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held on the Internet. This Canton Fair is the first online Canton Fair. Canton Fair is China’s longest history, largest scale, most comprehensive product category, most buyers at the fair, the most widely ...
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  • WANGZHE Book Club: Make reading a habit

    Is it futile to discuss reading in the new media era? E·B·White, an outstanding American essayist, once admitted that even if the house is as bustling as a carnival, he can “work normally under ordinary interference”. Reading may also be the same reason. In contemporary society, time...
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  • “Children’s heart flying dream set sail” celebration of Children’s day ,organizated by YIXING WANGZHE LAMINATING FILM CO.,LTD

      A young man full of vigor and vitality, who does not have some imagination?The horse has wings, the moon hides somewhere, the hero saves the world. 1st June is Children’s day, the company held the “children’s heart flying dream set sail” ,collected staff’s children&...
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  • The Enterprises Breakout

    Under the epidemic situation, private enterprises are suffering from a big test. The export, production and marketing are greatly affected. If they want to further develop, they must rise to the challenge. WONLAMI actively expands new areas, new business to make product innovation and marketing ...
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  • WONLAMI Innovative Marketing Methods, Overseas Customers Live Online Inspection

    In order to solve the problem that overseas customers are not able to come to the company to accept the products during the epidemic period, and ensure the products are delivered on time, the WONLAMI team innovates the marketing method. Through live  online inspection, it shortens the distance wi...
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  • Climb the Taihua mountain, make Wonlami team spirit

    “Youth is a time of beauty and loss, the beginning of all light and happiness to come.” - Kalinin The bamboo forest and trees is on both sides of Taihua mountain road, so that climbers  are very happy. Although the annual summit of Taihua was slightly delayed due to the epidemic, the...
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    “We’re going to read for fun.” – MAUGHAM   Spring sleep is unaware of dawn, only reading is high.Now is the time of spring flowers, READING YOUTH CLUB partners gathered in LONGCHI mountain, enjoyed the spring scenery, tasted the taste of reading. Everyone has differe...
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