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What Is The Purchase Method Of The Photo Plastic Machine?
Mar 07, 2017

    1、Look at the way of lamninating.

    Laminating machine is generally a plastic seal and cold mounted two plastic way.Thermoplastic seal is generated by the heat generated by the machine heat will be plastic film EVA glue softened, and then through the rubber roller pressure to the photo and plastic film for stereotypes. Cold framing is a plastic film with a sticky or magnetic, in the case of no need to heat the plastic film and information pages for stereotypes.

    2、See the maximum glue speed.

   Maximum glue speed is from the paper into the plastic to complete the required working hours, usually with mm / min to represent, there are manufacturers using m / min to represent. The greater the distance through each minute, the faster the plastic seal.

    3、Look at the largest laminating size.

    The maximum plastic size is the maximum area that can pass from the entrance of the seal machine at one time. Common specifications are A4 and A3 specifications.

    4、Look at the maximum plastic thickness.

    The maximum plastic thickness is the sum of the thickness of the plastic and laminating film that can pass through the seal machine and can be perfectly plastic. The greater the maximum plastic thickness, the wider the use of the range.

    5、See the warm-up time.

   The warm-up time is the time required for the seal machine to reach the normal thermoplastic temperature from the power supply. The less the warm-up time, the less time to wait, can effectively improve the efficiency.

    6、Look backwards.

    Retrogression function can prevent the non-human error caused by the operation of the card film, roll film and other unusual circumstances.