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What Is The Difference Between Hot Laminating Pouch Film And Cold Laminating Pouch Film
Jan 13, 2017

     What is the difference between  hot laminating pouch film or cold laminating pouch film 

Everyone knows how to laminate is divided into two kinds, one kind is hot laminating, the other is cold laminating. Hot laminating pouch film needs high temperature , cold laminating pouch film doesn’t need heat.
Work process is: at the time of laminating page, the first thing to give separate laminating pouch film, and then put the data page in the middle, above the laminating pouch film glue so can on information page, and then give on the laminating pouch film, once put it on the back laminating machine heating, then,glue will melt,so that it can be finished the requirments.Cold laminating means using cold laminating technique in the picture on the covered a layer of cold laminating pouch film.Photos can be, just like pictures.If small pictures can stick with manual is ok.If done by hand is very difficult, we must use cold laminating machine.