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What Are The Characteristics Of Laminating Film?
Mar 06, 2017

      Laminating is a double layer of film in the middle of the paper, and then through the plastic heating machine around the film to form a paper in which a sealed way of treatment. Plastic has the following characteristics:                                                              A、The equipment is simple and cheap, currently more in the A3 format,and it is cheap.            B、Simple operation, only a few switches and a temperature button, the operation is very simple.                                                                                                C、Widely used,in addition to plastic can also be used for cold mounted, and even do laminating card and peritoneum.                                                                        D、Very suitable for small pictures(business card、Documents、certificate and so on),Sealing machine preheating fast, plastic fast, suitable for small work.

     E、After the plastic photo is very crisp.