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Using Laminating Film Production Of Plant Specimens
Feb 07, 2017

   Many people on the laminating film is no stranger to understanding, it is well known that it is commonly used to laminate photos, greeting cards, documents and so on. In fact, it can also be used to laminate small biological specimens, cases of flower anatomical specimens, small leaf shape specimens, insect specimens, and it can also produce biological cards.

The biggest advantage of using laminating film to produce specimens is easy to save, not borers, moldy season in the mold will not be rotten color. As the specimens in the card film, so unlike the general system of wax specimens easily damaged, it will not appear foliage wrinkles, broken off and so on.


1, Collect flowers or leaves of plants, smaller than the A4 size paper, easy to suppress the late books and plastic

2, Put the flowers or leaves in the book 7-15 days

3, Remove the specimen folder into the laminating film, laminate it by the laminating machine