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Three-layers Laminating Pouches Packaging Materials
Sep 05, 2017

Three-layers Laminating Pouches Packaging Materials

Talking about the Misunderstanding of Packaging

Since the birth of plastic bags, with its light, cheap, high strength and other characteristics by the people loved. People have been accustomed to using plastic bags to install things. There are many types of plastic bags on the market, but there are countless species on the color, that in the end what kind of good? Do we really choose plastic bags? Although we can almost every day to use plastic bags, but for the choice of plastic bags, we tend to go into the misunderstanding.

(A) the thicker the plastic bag more solid the better. We often in life will see a wide range of plastic bags, so strong bag must be ok. In fact, this is not the case, plastic bags are strict standards, especially for food packaging plastic bags, must use regular manufacturers to produce, with relevant departments for approval of qualified products, the quality of these plastic bags Guaranteed.

Food plastic bags must be marked "food" words. Facing the light can see whether the plastic clean. Qualified plastic bags are very clean, no impurities, and poor quality plastic bags will see dirty spots, impurities. Plastic bags on the single side of the thickness must be more than 0.025mm, reach the thickness of the country is prohibited production use.

(B) plastic packaging colorful, choose the color of the packaging more beautiful. Plastic packaging bags, although a lot of color types, but we must be careful when used, if the food used for loading food packaging, from the color to consider, be sure to use the color is simple, so at least it's less added. Many of the deep color plastic bags are often recycled with recycled materials to produce, these plastic bags are not able to direct contact with food.

(C) plastic bags re-use. There are many families have the habit of storing waste plastic bags, in fact, storage as long as the attention of clean and waste plastic bags can be used, but do not use plastic bags for contact with food and skin, that will be our health Produce chronic injury.

    Because different products require different packaging materials, it is necessary to make material selection according to product characteristics, including: whether it is easy to degenerate, cause deterioration factors (light, water or oxygen, etc.), product form, product surface hardness, storage Conditions, sterilization temperature and so on. Good vacuum bag, do not have to have a lot of features, but to see if it is suitable for the product.

    1, the shape of the rules or the surface of the soft products: the shape of the rules or the surface of soft products, such as sausage products, soy products, etc., do not require the material of high mechanical strength, only need to consider the material barrier and sterilization temperature of the material influences. Therefore, for such products, generally use OPA / PE structure of the bag. If high temperature sterilization (above 100 ℃) is required, OPA / CPP structure can be used, or PE with high temperature is used as heat sealing layer.