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Three-layers Laminating Pouches Packaging Aspects
Sep 26, 2017

Three-layers Laminating Pouches Packaging aspects

The current people's day of continuous improvement, the relative quality of life needs of the relationship between the level is also high. Especially film Lin paper packaging more and more people's attention. Some people say that natural harm is blessing, huh, huh. For example, you are in the rich, but no blessing to enjoy. Is this life particularly injustice? The main fantasy natural harmless alive, due to the food, film Lin paper packaging, activities and other aspects of great care. For the above things, the work of the management staff to explain to you some of the news, I hope you can help you Not much to say, the following began to enter the theme.

Choose and use their regular paper-plastic composite bag, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Zhisu composite bag out of the library should be no smell, no smell, and some special smell of the Zhisu composite bag, not the best not in the film Lin paper packaging.

2. Zhisu composite bag packaging must have Chinese logo, marked factory name, site, product owned business, not in the two parts of the letter marked "food" words. After the products are shipped with supplies inspection certificate.

3. election with the food the most effective business to take money to buy, less than street stalls to take money to buy.

4. Some color paper-plastic composite bag is not best not to be in food packaging. Because of this paper-plastic composite bag in the past is the use of recycled recycled plastic production.

5. No way, Zhisu composite bag is not easy to degrade the characteristics, have caused environmental pollution, therefore, when buying food, the most effective very good green packaging materials.

6. As good as possible without coating, coating products. The current packaging design, is to make its packaging feel more beautiful, corrosion resistance, the use of materials with the coating. This is not only to the product after the scrapped a lot of material recycling, recycling has brought problems, in addition to most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these packaged food, have a great harm to people's physical and mental. In addition to Tu, plating process on the way to the environment has brought great pollution. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, plating and other heavy metals containing chromium and other waste, waste pollution. Therefore, should try to use without coating, coating the packaging material.