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Three-layers Laminating Pouches Need To Pay Attention Now
Aug 11, 2017

Three-layers Laminating Pouches Need to pay attention now

Three layers of composite bags in the food industry is a very important part of its quality can directly affect the product sales. Therefore, the major food companies on the three-tier composite bag strict requirements also contributed to our three-tier composite bag industry progress. Direct contact with food packaging materials and containers is an integral part of food, it is accompanied by food production, circulation and use of the whole process. Especially meat products, long-term preservation, then there are two ways, the first cold storage, the second use of vacuum three-layer composite bag vacuum.

Save. Because the direct contact with food, so the vacuum three-layer composite bag quality and safety is also essential.

With the packaging of new materials, new equipment, new technologies, new technology continues to emerge, food packaging will show a more convenient and safe, more environmentally friendly requirements of the trend. Three-tier composite bag sales will grow with the food sales growth; because some food companies are willing to buy higher value, more security, more damage, security, anti-children eating, to facilitate the elderly vacuum food packaging.

Shell can make food and oxygen, water vapor, stains and other separated, anti-leakage is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Some packaging includes a desiccant or deoxidizer for extended shelf life. Vacuum packaging or pumping the air in the bag is also the main food packaging method. Preserving food in the shelf life of clean, fresh and safe is the primary function of the bag.

Three-layer composite bags can play an important role in reducing transport safety risks. The bag can also prevent food from being returned to other goods. Food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being stolen. Some food packaging is very strong and has a security logo, the role is to protect the interests of businesses from loss.

There is a compartment in the bag. The compartment is integrated with the bag, or the compartment is connected to the left and right sides and the bottom of the bag. Bag bags, you can eat, but also can be collected into the peel and other waste fruit bag, a bag of dual-use, that will not affect the consumption, it will not affect the environmental health, but also easy to clean up. Not only to facilitate the consumer, but also on human health and the protection of the environment have great benefits.

Choose and use their regular paper-plastic composite bag, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Zhisu compound bag out of the library should be no smell, no smell, and some particularly smell of Zhisu composite bag, not the best not in the film Lin paper packaging.

2. Zhisu composite bag packaging must have a Chinese logo, marking the name of the factory, the site, the product belongs to the business, not credible in the two parts marked "food" words. After the products are shipped with supplies inspection certificate.

3. election with the food the most effective business to take money to buy, less than street stalls to get money to buy.

4. Some of the color of the paper-plastic composite bag is not best not in the food packaging. Because of this paper-plastic composite bag in the past is the use of recycled recycled plastic production.