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Three-layers Laminating Pouches Its Importance In Order
Sep 15, 2017

Three-layers Laminating Pouches Its importance in order

China's food and beverage packaging development will be the most obvious, the importance of the order in the following order:

Three-layer composite bag (a), for most of the new packaging, the main use of raw materials based on petrochemical products.

(B), the further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment. Some consumers believe that metal canned food is high-grade goods, aseptic packaging for the carton and low prices that are low-grade goods. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, packaging should be more effective, as long as the best to save food, the more cheap is the more superior packaging.

(C), willing to use plastic jars and plastic bottles are more and more, will replace the glass products, in some cases can also replace metal products.

(D), flexible packaging materials to the quality of development. The introduction and development of flexographic printing in China began in the 1970s. Now we have been able to create their own flexographic printing presses and their substrates, all kinds of flexible printing inks. In particular, water-based ink and water-based polishing agent of the regular production, you can add another type of ink above the same color water-based polishing, covering the rest of the toxic solvent volatile; but also direct contact with food to ensure food safety and health. In addition, in the printing process has accumulated a wealth of experience, has been able to print no less than the traditional process of print, such as the internationally renowned brands "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi" and other label printing, to international standards, to the international Level close.

In China, flexible version of the packaging printing nearly 10 years has made great progress, but the development momentum unhappy. From the packaging and printing practitioners point of view, should be from the machine, materials and technology bold innovation, and actively explore, to climb the peak. Only come up with first-class products, in order to obtain the manufacturers welcome and the customer's favorite. And for the majority of food business operators, but also hope to emancipate the mind, let go of the use of new packaging. For example, there are some copies of the printed version of the traditional printed matter is fine, can improve the design of packaging from the screen to adapt to it? Another example is the flexographic printing color is not bright enough, but particularly thick, can avoid weaknesses, to achieve better visual effects.