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Thermal Laminating Sheets
Jul 26, 2017


This product is used for ID cards, driving licenses, licenses, passes, representation cards, service cards, pictures, photos, business licenses, file materials, computer figures, business cards, etc.

Characteristic: This product has many advantages after laminated, such as waterproof, preventing alteration, preventing destructive insect, bearing rot. Besides, it is also clear, transparent, well-pressed, beautiful and easy to wash.



This product is sold in more than 20 countries and regions, like Japan, USA, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Mexico, South Africa. Besides, the domestic consumers have the good evaluation. Our laminating pouch film is the superior one in the similar production of the domestic market, it is the high-quality export Chinese film.



1.  Please open the unsealed edge of the laminating film and put into the file materials. The space between the file materials and the laminating film is more than 3mm.

2.  Please put the sealed edge ahead to make sure the laminating film is inside, two edges of the laminating machine entering flitch. You can put your hand away when the laminating film enters automatically.

3.  When the laminating film is come out completely from the laminating machine automatically, you've finished.



When laminating, please pay attention to the items as follows:

1. The thickness of file materials, photos or the images is less than 1.5mm.

2. EVA aviods touching the laminator rolls directly when laminated in the single side.

3. Don't place this product near the heat source, like heater, air-condition.

4. This product is prohibited near the source of the fire.

5. This product should be placed in the dry, clean place, and avoid sunshine.