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Solar Laminate Components/solar Laminate
Nov 21, 2016

(1) glass

Low iron tempered glass (also known as white), thickness 3 mm, in the wavelength range of spectral response for solar cells (320-1100NM) the light transmission rate of 90% per cent, have higher reflectivity than 1200NM infrared light. The glass at the same time resistant to ultraviolet light radiation, light transmittance should not decline.


EVA is a hot melt Adhesive, thickness between 0.4-0.6 mm, surface roughness, thickness, containing cross-linking agent. Non-sticky and viscous resistance under normal temperature, after a certain price hot melt Adhesive and curing, and becomes completely transparent. Cured EVA can withstand climate change and flexibility, it cell "pad under the cap on" the encapsulation and and upper material – glass, lower material back panel (TPT,BBF), by vacuum laminating technology into one. The other hand, and to improve the transparency of glass and glass viscosity rate, playing an increased role and personal gains in the output of solar panels.

(3) solar cells

Solar cell is the smallest unit of conversion, sizes generally ranging from 4 cm to 100 cm. Solar cell voltage is about 0.5V, the operating current of about 20-25 Ma per square centimeter, generally not used alone as a power supply. After parallel package solar cells, solar panel, has the power of a few Watts to dozens of Watts, 100 Watts to 200 watts or more, can be used alone as a power supply.

(4) the back panel

Back is the battery protection on the back of the material, often with TPT,BBF,DNP and so on. The material has good resistance to environmental erosion, insulation and good bonding and EVA. Solar cell back cover-fluoroplastic film White, reflex to the Sun, therefore the efficiency of solar panels slightly increased, and because of its high rate of infrared emission, plate battery temperature can be reduced, but also the efficiency of solar panels.

(5) the junction box

Junction box made of ABS, and anti aging and anti-UV agents, ensures that the battery be used outdoors for more than 25 years in Xishuangbanna aging does not appear rupture. Terminal and from the outside plating layer made of high conductivity copper solutions, ensures reliable electrical conduction and electrical connections. Junction box with silicone adhesive on the back surface.

(6) aluminum alloy frame

Borders are made of hard aluminum alloy, surface oxidation layer thickness greater than 10 microns can be guaranteed in an outdoor environment for more than 25 years of use, will not corrode, strong and durable.