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Self Adhesive Laminate Key Process
Jul 01, 2017

Self Adhesive Laminate Key process

The quality of laminates is a comprehensive reflection of the quality problems of resins, gels, and press processes. Although pressing is the last key process in the manufacture of laminates, the quality of the finished products produced by the preceding process will have a direct impact on the quality of the laminate. Therefore, the quality of laminates must be carried out in a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis, in order to find the exact cause, take timely and effective measures to solve and improve the quality of laminates.

(1) the surface of the phenomenon of this phenomenon is often easy to appear in the sheet, mainly adhesive tape, especially the surface of the plastic content is too small, low soluble resin content, resin flow is poor. Followed by suppression of uneven pressure, the individual situation is due to warm-up time is too long, the pressure is low. Therefore, the preparation of sheet metal materials should pay special attention to the content of soluble resin can not be low, and the use of good surface material, preferably with a thick plate with a thick plate to suppress the elasticity of the blank, so that heat, pressure evenly. Such as due to product specifications, only the thin sheet of the task, then the pad will be thicker and should be replaced frequently, warm-up time can not be too long, the pressure to keep tight. Also in the flow of plastic hot plate temperature should not be too high.

(2) surface uneven, there are occasional phenomenon in the resin content is relatively large, less soluble paperboard, due to resin flow is small, when the glue caused by uneven glue phenomenon is easy to reflect the surface of the laminate Showing uneven and flute phenomenon. So when the glue should pay attention to the amount of plastic control evenly, pay attention to the material when the material reversed 180 ° to make up for the glue caused by the uneven amount of glue, so that the surface condition can be improved.

(3) cracking cracking cracking phenomenon occurs mainly in the thick paper, cloth, serious 5mm above the laminate there is cracking phenomenon. Epoxy phenolic glass cloth is not easy to crack, which is the glue of the strong adhesion of the reason. The cracking of the laminate has a great relationship with the resin adhesion. When the aging material is sandwiched between the laminates, the laminate will crack. Therefore, the adhesive material of the adhesive tape should be used to pick out the aging material and can not be mixed into the blank The In addition, the amount of adhesive tape is too small and uneven, the pressure is too low or too slow to suppress, but also easy to cause cracking.

(4) the surface of the middle of the color depth, surrounded by white This is mainly rubber paper cloth volatiles, in the warmer around the volatiles easily escape, the middle of the volatile residue, so surrounded by white and the middle color depth. This is from the plate in the middle of the voltage than the edge of the board at the low voltage can be judged to be caused by volatiles. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the moisture absorption of the adhesive tape, in particular, the content of the soluble resin of the adhesive paper cloth is too large, and the low molecular weight produced at the time of hot pressing is increased, and this phenomenon is more serious. The experiment proved that the low molecular weight had a greater impact than the water. It was proved that the volatile material of the adhesive tape had no white edge below 4%. Under 6% control, the preheating could not produce white or less white, more than 6% Big.

(5) surface fracturing This is the main resin in the flow of excessive pressure, the substrate crushed, it should be strictly controlled adhesive tape in the flow of plastic when the number of pressure and pressure can not be too high. Epoxy phenolic glass cloth plate unit pressure of more than 7MPa (70kgf / cm & sup2;) will crush the glass cloth.

(6) surface area of plastic reinforced material itself, the thickness of the larger deviation, caused by the uneven amount of glue or glue on the lack of glue caused by a certain position of the adhesive tape is too large, uneven mobility, hot plate heat , Soluble resin content, resin flow pressure too fast. So the substrate thickness deviation can not be too large, the amount of adhesive tape should be uniform, reduce the content of soluble resin, in the preparation of the material should pay attention to a part of the tape up and down 180 °, preheating pressure should not be too fast. Attention to remove the pipeline, hot plate condensate.

(7) thickness deviation of the thickness of the common thickness of the thickness of the common thickness is thin, which is mainly caused by uneven edge of the steel plate. So the steel plate should pay attention to custody, found that the edge of the flute should be used after leveling. The deviation is also a thin side of the phenomenon, which is mainly side of the adhesive tape side of the old side, side of the tender, or hot plate side of the high temperature, while the temperature is low, and the hot plate caused by tilt. So pay attention to the preparation of a part of the adhesive tape upside down to 180 °, the pipeline import and export staggered arrangement, preheating attention to row hot plate, pipeline water, to prevent hot side of the hot side, while the temperature is low, while Always check the hot plate tilted and repaired in time. Thickness deviation is also thicker than the middle part of the thick edge, which is mainly due to the emergence of hot plate for a long time due to the deformation of the central depression. Should check the hot plate.