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Multilayer Lamination Parameter Control
Nov 21, 2016

Multilayer lamination parameter controls mainly refer to temperature, time, pressure on the organic matching.

Following from these three simple narrative.

And temperature

Temperature can be divided into three phases, temperature, constant temperature, cooling sections. Each stage is as follows: a, the heating: heating rate control flow in the most appropriate glue. Paragraph b, temperature: the energy and time required to provide resin. Paragraph c and cooling: the gradual cooling to reduce stress (Interral stress) to reduce plate bending (Warp Twist).

Plate temperature is more important in the process. The melting temperature of the resin, resin curing temperature, hot plate temperature setting and warming rate of change.

Melting temperature refers to the temperature up to 70 ° c resin begins to melt. Precisely because of the temperature further increased, further melting the resin and begins to flow. At a temperature of 70 ° c---140 ° c during this time, resin is very fluid, with liquidity, so to ensure the resin filling gel, wet. With the rise of temperature, resin mobility experience from small to large, to the small end when the temperature reaches 160 degrees-170 ℃, resin flow is zero, when the temperature called the curing temperature. For resin to better fill plastic, humid, it is important to control the heating rate and heating rate sheet refers to temperatures between 70--140 ℃ temperature and time ratios. Heating rate is the specific lamination temperature change, which controls when the temperature rose to the height. Speed of the heating rate related to melt viscosity of resin during the pressing process. Temperature rises rapidly, the Pan is heated uniformly poor, low melt viscosity of resin, prone to the thickness of the layer is not uniform, white, white point, and so on.

Heating rate control 2--4 ℃/min. This model with the PP and laminated structures and so on. 7628PP the heating rate can be faster for 2---4 c/min, 1080, 2116PP heating rate control 1.5--2 ℃/min and laminated PP quantity heating rate is also not too fast and easy to create the skateboard.

Hot plate temperature depends mainly on steel, steel plate, kraft paper, heat transfer, usually 180 degrees to 200 degrees centigrade.

Second, pressure

Multilayer lamination pressure is based on the size of the resin can fill the gaps between layers, exhaust gases and volatile as the basic principle. Because non-vacuum pressing machine and vacuum compressors, therefore starting from the pressure it is a pressurized, sections of two-stage compression and pressure in several ways. General non-vacuum pressure using a pressure and pressure. Vacuum pressure in two-stage compression and compression. High, fine, thin multilayer typically use compression. Pressure is generally based on the PP supplier pressure parameters.