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Matte Laminating Film
Mar 09, 2017

   Matte laminating film is a kind of high-quality film with single sand surface. The surface of the matt laminating film is processed specially,so the feeling of touching it is very fine and its texture is very good,using it can develop the professional level of elegant cover,on the other hand,it can be written informations by pens and be cleared by eraser after being laminated.

      This product is used for ID cards, driving licenses, licenses, passes, representation cards, service cards, pictures, photos, business licenses, file materials, computer figures, business cards, etc.

      Characteristic: This product has many advantages after laminated, such as waterproof, preventing alteration, preventing destructive insect, bearing rot. Besides, it is also clear, transparent, well-pressed, beautiful and easy to wash.

The main characteristics of PET Thermal Lamination film:
1) It doesn't include solvent adhesive, which can protect the print color from changing.
2) The adhesive effect is superior finish & gloss, which is much better than that with the solvent adhesive.
3) Time saving, you don't need to prepare the glue beforehand.
4) It can also be used on the traditional lamination machine. And it would not cause tunneling and swelling.