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Matt Laminating Pouches Plastic Flexible Packaging
Jul 28, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Plastic flexible packaging

China's soft plastic packaging industry in the past 20 years, although there is a rapid development, but compared with the level of foreign or there is a big gap, which is reflected in the following aspects:

    (1) from the soft plastic packaging production equipment, China's soft plastic packaging production equipment is imported from the imported equipment, due to steel quality, machining accuracy and heat treatment and other aspects of integrated technology can not keep up with the world level, the overall machinery Equipment quality is not high, the degree of automation is still low. Therefore, many of today's flexible packaging equipment also rely on imports. Such as: the production of two-way stretch line almost all imported equipment, regardless of the production of BOPP 65 lines (annual output of up to 450,000 tons) and BOPET 19 lines (annual output of 100,000 tons, capacity of 150,000 tons) Are introduced from abroad. As the domestic demand for two-way stretch film strong, there are many manufacturers are preparing to introduce. These high-tech lines, China has not yet a manufacturer can produce, the introduction is also step by step two-way stretch line. While the price is more expensive, better performance of the two-way synchronous equipment is also very few.

    China's plastic packaging and the development of foreign trade gap is still poor

    This fully shows that China's equipment manufacturing industry behind. On the flexible packaging of printing equipment, although China has 1 to 2 printing machinery factory to produce fully automatic computer version of the high-speed gravure printing, but some of the key components still need to import from Japan, the quality is still a certain gap. This is why so far there are people in order to expand production would rather spend 3 to 5 times the price of domestic and go abroad to buy the reasons for the printing press. Vacuum aluminum plating equipment and co-extruded composite units and so there is a gap between the co-extruded composite machine in the five or more composite die are all imported.

    (2) in the raw and auxiliary materials, China is still unable to produce blown film grade nylon resin, two-way stretch nylon film by foreign imports of resin and equipment to shape, the country only Foshan Oriental Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. a production, Foreign imports. Co-extruded composite production used in the adhesive resin (Tires) China has no manufacturers, although the research unit in research and development, but not yet successful. K paint and PVDC resin (blown film) materials, EVAL, PAN and so there is no domestic supply of particles, thanks to imports. Even Surlyn, MPE particles are imported. To this end, China's resin production can not only meet the needs of the domestic processing industry, the annual import of more than 500 million tons, and the type of resin and the brand is missing. For example, for high temperature cooking with block ethylene propylene copolymer, high VA content of EVA particles, low heat sealing temperature of the peelable heat sealing PE brand are required to import.

    (3) soft plastic packaging products (bags) of the quality, intrinsic performance and appearance of printing compared with foreign countries have a certain gap. For example, high temperature cooking bag shelf life, the domestic manufacturers are now better for 6 months, while foreign transparent more than a year, opaque for more than two years. Product forms are single, generally only three side sealed bags, and foreign bags of a variety of forms, there are independent bags, pleated bags, pillow, kink, PTP medicinal packaging. At present, foreign use of microwave heating soft package popular, we should also consider this new packaging structure.