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Matt Laminating Pouches Packing
Oct 18, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Packing

Matt bag is a new type of packaging, to facilitate the delivery, storage, saving shipping costs, bags selected aluminum PET, ldpe, and nylon composite information. Sterile disinfection, bags and taps, carton cooperation, the capacity is now developed to 1L to 220L, the valve is mainly butterfly valve.

Matt compound bag packaging is widely used in fruit juice, wine, fruit juice drinks, mineral water, edible oil, food additives, industrial agents, medical reagents, liquid fertilizers, pesticides and so on.

The MAND composite bag is made of multi-layer film made of flexible inner bag and sealed faucet switch and carton.

Inner bag: made of composite film, use different information to meet the needs of different liquid packaging, can provide 1--220 liters of aluminum foil bags, Tongming bags, single or even volume specifications of goods, with standard canned mouth, spray Code identification, can also be customized.

Selection of non-toxic plastic, with acid, alkali-resistant properties, high temperature molding and radiation sterilization.

Flat bag sterile, non-toxic, odorless. Can be folded, light weight, easy to store and transport, reducing the data storage and transportation costs. Suction bag environmental clean, easy to recover, just the box and the inner bag separated, you can re-use. Can be completed the use of goods and other maturity near the shelf life period, a longer shelf life, Matt compound bag to retain the wine, fruit juice can be sealed 2-3 years, Kaifeng can be retained for 2 months.

This packaging in the 2 --- 20 liters volume packaging, with a strong competitive edge. A variety of inner bag membrane materials and leading switch makes the packaging liquid types and applications greatly expanded. Suitable for gift packaging without preservative additives to keep the use of storage easy to facilitate the convenience of the special bag of the need for food packaging:

One, not the same as the chemical composition of food, physical and chemical properties are different, so not the same food on the packaging of the protective request is not the same. For example, the cake is more fat, soft, and must have the best water content of the request, so at least should meet the following requirements: oil high oxygen resistance (to avoid oil and grease is oxidized), high moisture resistance ( To avoid the cake to lose water dry hardened). In addition, the packaging of tea should be high oxygen resistance (to avoid the use of ingredients are oxidized), high moisture resistance (tea damp moldy transformation), high light resistance (tea chlorophyll by the effect of sunlight will change), high resistance aroma (Tea leaves are also very easy to absorb the outside smell), and then the market is quite some of the tea is usually PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, greatly wasted the tea Useful ingredients, the quality of tea is not guaranteed.