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Matt Laminating Pouches Flatness
Sep 15, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Flatness

Matt bag has excellent barrier properties, heat sealing, moisture resistance, and acid, alkali, wear, which is widely used in food packaging. With everyone on the Matt bag quality requirements of the growing progress, packaging companies on the quality of the composite bag is also more and more attention. This article will contact the practice, the compound bag to see a way to do a summary of goods, hope to help the peer.

1. visual view

    The visual view includes items such as the flatness of the composite bag, the viewing of the transparency, and so on. Mainly used to check the appearance of composite bags have no significant abrasions and pinholes, sealing and other pollution. I have a better company to look at the appearance of the way, as detailed below.

(1) the compound bag placed in the center of the hand, aligned 40W fluorescent light gently shaking, through the composite bag appearance of the reflected light, you can clearly find the composite bag appearance is not scratched or traces, the industry is often called " " If the drawing is serious should be based on the actual situation, find the location of the problem, the impact will be reduced to the lowest point to ensure the quality of goods. We found through the investigation of the drawing screen is mostly by the bag machine towel roller is not clean, so be sure to ensure that the guide roller clean. In addition, the guide roller does not roll the same will make the composite bag hair drawing problems. Guide roller does not roll the factors caused by the lack of bearing the oil, so the outstanding smooth bearing is the rolling bearing conditions.

(2) view of compound bag flatness. The detailed approach is: to take a few pieces of product samples for "air to ground" to fall, let the natural landing (the location to be clean), investigate the situation after the composite bag to the ground. If the compound bag to the ground when the bend, outward Alice or inward arch, then clear the composite bag flatness difference, otherwise the clarity of clarity outstanding.

    The formation of flatness difference factors are generally the following: bagging temperature is high, has damaged the inner layer of the composite stress stiffness; structural composition is unreasonable; data thickness uneven. We note that when the total thickness of the composite data of PET / PE and BOPP / PET / PE does not exceed 80μm, it is easy to develop a flatness.