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Matt Laminating Pouches Enough Thickness
Oct 10, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Enough thickness

1. Material aspects

The material of the composite bag must be of sufficient thickness and the thickness will be insufficient, which will cause the strength of the composite film to be insufficient, resulting in the problem of broken bag: attention to the addition of recycled material (recycled pellets) in the material, and the performance of the recycled material , Adding too much, composite film strength is insufficient, resulting in broken bags. In the PE film manufacturing process, adding LLDPE and MPE or high strength PE (FPE-T), in order to improve the strength and flexibility of PE, thereby reducing the broken bag. If the packaging used in low temperature refrigeration environment, must use low temperature packaging materials (such as BOPA), to produce composite film, otherwise it will cause low temperature freezing environment, the composite film embrittlement.

Composite bags are commonly used in liquid and powder packaging. The heavier contents are subject to instantaneous impact (such as dropping), the sealing strength of a higher demand. From the structural point of view, only to improve the tensile strength and can not solve the problem, the role of material tear strength seems to be more clearly bear the impact strength of the contents.

The tensile strength, elastic modulus, impact strength and rupture strength of the oriented plastic film are greatly increased, but the "secondary tear strength" of the film decreases, as long as there is a slight gap It is easy to produce tear. This is the characteristics of directional film, printed substrate used biaxially oriented film, and tear strength of the highest CPE, CPP composite, composite bag tear strength is not the addition of two kinds of substrates, but reduced. The higher the composite strength, the more the tear strength decreases. Extrusion of composite to improve the tear strength has a unique effect, coextrusion film more advantages.

2. In the composite bag bag making process

The temperature of the bag is too high, resulting in heat sealing at the heat sealing material performance degradation, thus affecting the bag bag bag; bag pressure is too large, resulting in heat sealing material is squeezed out, (heat sealing pressure The inner pressure of the heat-sealed side is smaller than the outside pressure), and the heat-sealing material of the heat-sealed position is lowered to cause the bag to be broken when the bag is dropped or transported. The heat seal of the bag is too sharp, or there is mechanical spiking, will damage the bag's thermal cut edge, resulting in broken bag phenomenon.

3. The peel strength of the composite film

If the peel strength of the composite film is too low, it is difficult to achieve the requirements of the multi-layer composite material at the same time, resulting in the force can not be better dispersion, then the process of falling, it will cause composite bag bag. In addition, in high temperature cooking bags, due to some poor heat resistance of the adhesive, especially in some complex structures (such as BOPA15 / AL7 / CPP70), in the high temperature cooking, will also cause cracking at the edge of the seal, Composite film delamination phenomenon.

4. Other aspects

In the packaging of some heavy packaging or powder items such as salt, washing powder, etc., after filling the goods, heat sealing, the bag should be discharged before the air to reduce the bag wall force, so solid The material is directly stressed to reduce the damage of the bag. In the post-processing process, special attention should be paid to whether the puncture resistance, pressure resistance, dropping rupture, temperature resistance and temperature resistance and food safety performance meet the requirements.