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Matt Laminating Pouches Curing Temperature
Sep 05, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Curing temperature

What are the requirements of the Matt compound bag for the curing room?

Curing control: curing is also called curing, is to have a good composite film into the drying room (curing room), so that the main agent of polyurethane adhesives, curing agent reaction cross-linked and composite substrate surface interaction process. The main purpose of curing is to make the main agent and curing agent in a certain period of time to fully respond to achieve the best composite strength; followed by the removal of low boiling point solvent residues, such as ethyl acetate.

The ripening control is mainly controlled by the aging temperature and the curing time. The aging time of the curing temperature is determined by the performance of the adhesive used and the final performance requirements of the product. Different adhesive varieties have different curing temperatures and times. Aging temperature is too low, below 50 ℃, the reaction of the binder is very slow; curing temperature is too high, the substrate membrane additive precipitation, affecting the performance of composite film and increase odor, such as aging time is too long will affect the composite membrane performance and increase Odor, which is mainly caused by the precipitation of processing aids in polyethylene film.

The maturing conditions also depend on the following factors:

1, PET, BOPA, AL, CPP and other thin films due to good heat resistance, high shrinkage temperature, curing temperature can be improved. And LDPE, BOPP, EVA and other curing temperature can not be too high; the general situation between 50 ℃ - 65 ℃.

2, the amount of glue on the product aging time lengthened;

3, in the form of film production of the product aging time may be appropriate to reduce;

4, there are longitudinal reinforcement products of its aging time can be lengthened;

5, film thickness, membrane diameter when the appropriate extension of the appropriate curing time;

6, in order to reduce the amount of residual solvent can be appropriate to extend the curing time;

7, according to the use of the product appropriate to adjust the aging time.

There is also an accelerated ripening, used in the production of control. Take the production of composite film about 1 meter long, full width, 80 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes, check the appearance and the initial viscosity of the situation, the timely detection of problems and take measures. This is also an indispensable part of dry compound process management.