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Matt Laminating Pouches Analysis Of Bag Making Process
Aug 11, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Analysis of bag making process

Matt bag is how to do it? Today to give you a look at the production of Matt bag production process bar. Not a professional explanation process just let the colloquial way to make it easier for everyone to understand what is called the mute bag.

The first to do the Matt bag must be customized materials, because if the material has not been compound for a long time is not very good, so to buy, so if a normal even if there is no printed composite packaging bags need 10 to Twelve days ago, if there is a minimum of about 15 days of printing, so when we are ready to do when the best combination of Matt bag 20 days in advance to contact the manufacturers to do a good job in advance of some of the design draft preparation.

Materials, custom back, if not printed on the composite machine directly to the composite material, so that a layer of material becomes two or more, and if you need to have to print on the printing press, the normal Matt The printing surface of the composite bag is the top of the surface material, the printing is completed and then on the complex machine, the printing surface and then composite layer or two layers of material, so that the composite material is completed. Printing, compound after the material into the aging room for aging, 24 hours -48 hours or longer time when the composite glue dry after the MA can be made of composite bag molding. Forming machine called bag machine, composite film bag machine after the master technical debugging before we can cut out the bag type we want.

At present, heat sealing is used in composite packaging materials, the most common, the most practical way of a bag. It is the use of various external conditions (such as electric heating, high frequency voltage and ultrasonic, etc.) so that the plastic film sealing parts of the heat into a viscous state, and with a certain pressure, so that the two layers of fusion into one, after cooling to maintain strength. There are many types of heat sealing, such as fuse sealing, ultrasonic sealing, high frequency sealing, hot air sealing, rod heat sealing and so on. According to the characteristics and requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical flexible packaging bags are mostly used rod-type heat sealing, it is the entire bag industry, the most common kind of heat sealing way. This type of heat sealing is mainly through the heating rod temperature, heat sealing time, heating rod and the pressure between the three plates to coordinate, and ultimately achieve a satisfactory sealing effect. In general, the good sealing effect depends on whether it has a good heat seal strength and intact appearance.

1. Heat sealing temperature

The effect of the heat sealing temperature is to heat the adhesive film to an ideal viscous state.

Since the polymer has no definite melting point, it is a melting temperature range, that is, there is a temperature region between the solid phase and the liquid phase, and when heated to the temperature region, the film enters the molten state. The viscosity of the polymer and the decomposition temperature are the lower limit and the upper limit of the heat seal. The difference between the viscosity flow temperature and the decomposition temperature is an important factor to measure the heat seal.