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Matt Laminating Pouches Acid And Alkali Resistance
Aug 25, 2017

Matt laminating pouches Acid and alkali resistance

Plastic film thin composite bag because of acid and alkali resistance, good sealing, blocking and sealing properties, etc., has been widely used in food packaging and medicine, the so-called heat sealing, that is, plastic film in the machinery Transmission process, by the special heat sealing tool weld to reach a certain degree of fastness, so as to meet the needs of different content packaging, heat sealing quality is a measure of the quality of composite bags of one of the most important items, because the heat sealing effect is good or bad Directly affect the quality of packaging, such as shelf life. The common material structure is BOPP / CPP, PET / PE, PET / CPP, BOPP / PET / PE, PA / PE or PA / ZPP .... For the composite bag heat sealing strength is low, delamination phenomenon to be analyzed for several reasons, For industry reference:

1, heat sealing material on the heat sealing strength

The type, thickness and material quality of the sealing material have a decisive influence on the heat sealing strength. Composite packaging bags commonly used heat sealing materials are CPE, CPP, EVA, hot melt adhesives and some other ionic resin co-extruded or blended modified film, heat sealing layer material thickness is generally 20-801um, special can Up to 100-200um. For the same heat sealing material, the heat sealing strength will increase with the thickness of the heat sealing material increases, such as cooking bag heat sealing strength generally requires 40-50N / cm3, the heat sealing material thickness should be 60um or even 801um the above.

2, heat sealing temperature on the heat sealing strength

The melting temperature of each material directly determines the minimum heat sealing temperature of the composite bag, and the heat sealing temperature has the most direct effect on the heat sealing strength. In the actual production process, due to the heat sealing pressure, the bagging speed and the thickness of the composite substrate And other factors, the heat sealing temperature is often higher than the heat sealing material melting temperature. If the heat sealing temperature is lower than the softening point (ie, the melting temperature) of the heat-sealing material, the heat sealing layer can not be sealed even if the pressure is increased or the heat sealing time is prolonged, but if the heat sealing temperature is too high, Easy to damage the welding edge of the heat sealing material, so that melt extrusion, resulting in "root cutting" phenomenon, greatly reducing the sealing heat sealing strength and composite bag impact resistance.