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Laminating Film Slitting Process
Oct 10, 2017

Laminating film Slitting process

The quality of the laminated film is closely related to the process parameters set during the slitting process.

From the point of view of the cutting equipment, advanced cutting machine must have high precision tension, pressure setting, tension, pressure change, speed adjustment, the operation of the station tension, pressure adjustment and mother roll swing and other functions. When cutting, according to the film cutting width, film thickness, film material and cutting diameter changes, etc., regularly set, adjust the cutting process parameters. Otherwise, despite the ability to produce high-quality stretch film, but the final cut is a poor product. The quality of the slit film is usually checked by the appearance quality of the product after slitting. The quality defects of the appearance of the product at the time of cutting and the main causes are as follows:

1, vertical stripes (longitudinal wrinkles): Slitting machine flattening roller (rubber roller) angle is not correct; film thickness tolerance; winding, unwinding tension is too large; winding machine mother roll has more obvious wrinkles; Paste with the paper core is not good.

2, the product surface has lumps, pitting: contact pressure; raw material formula is not appropriate; film thickness tolerance (often appear in the thicker parts); cutter is not sharp, dust into the film; poor sanitation ; Thin film electrostatic; paper core surface uneven.

3, the product end of the dislocation: winding, rolling tension is small; contact pressure is small; rolling arm imbalance; film surface friction coefficient is small; cutting speed is too fast; mother roll swimming speed too fast.

4, the end of the star-shaped folds: the outer loose caused by loose stars caused by wrinkles, the reason is due to slippage when the tension attenuation control is not appropriate; within the loose outside the star caused by wrinkles, the reason is the amount of tension attenuation, Improper pressure control or thickness tolerance changes.

5, cutting products, the greater the hardness of the surface deviation: film thickness is not uniform; paper core bending; contact roller pressure imbalance.

6, Alice: cutter is not sharp; contact pressure; unwinding tension; use cutter type wrong.

Laminated film in the packaging process often occurs pull, slippery, and so on, and these problems occur with the packaging film adhesion and friction have a deep relationship, and the packaging film adhesion and friction coefficient for effective detection , From the same with the reduction of similar circumstances.

First, the detection of friction coefficient

The above situation is first from the friction coefficient to find the problem, the film friction coefficient is usually the implementation of the standard GB10006, ISO8295 and ASTM D1894, the detection method is relatively uniform.