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Laminating Film See The Solution To The Problem
Aug 11, 2017

Laminating film See the solution to the problem

Composite film is the main packaging materials used in packaging, not only in the flexible packaging widely used, but also in medicine, electronics, household cosmetics and other packaging is also an important packaging materials. It can be printed with colorful, beautiful packaging, and enhance consumer desire to buy. However, because the composite film is more than two kinds of composite materials, therefore, pay attention to ensure the production of composite quality in order to ensure the packaging effect. Here are some common problems in the production of composite membrane solutions.

First, the composite film causes wrinkles:

1. Substrate thickness is not uniform, thin thickness difference is too large.

2. Substrate deflection, resulting in composite film wrinkles, and with the accumulation of skew, the degree of wrinkles will be a corresponding increase.

If the substrate is susceptible to humidity by the film material (such as nylon film), and the occurrence of moisture absorption, in the extrusion process is prone to fold.

4. Tension set and improper control, the various parts of the tension is not coordinated, do not match.

5. Composite pressure is not set properly.

6. The axis between the silicone rubber press roll and the cooling steel roll is not parallel.

7. Guide roller surface is not clean, sticky foreign body, or guide roller surface is not smooth, there are pits, strokes, bumps and other phenomena.


1. Replace the substrate to ensure uniform substrate thickness.

2. Adjust the position of the substrate, in the transmission process does not occur skew.

3. The substrate is subjected to a preheating drying process, or a substrate which does not undergo moisture absorption is replaced.

4. Adjust the unwinding and winding tension, so that each part of the tension to adapt and match each other.

5. Adjust the pressure of the compound roll to the appropriate size according to the actual situation.

6. Adjust the relative position between the silicone rubber press roller and the cooling steel roll so that both are kept parallel.

7. Clean the surface of the guide roller and replace the damaged guide roller to ensure that the guide roller surface is smooth, smooth and clean.