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Laminating Film Production Process
Oct 18, 2017

Laminating film Production Process

Simply put, in the flexible packaging industry, the laminated film refers to the use of adhesive system will be the substrate (OPP, OPA, OPET, aluminum, paper) and polyethylene (PE) film (single or co-extruded) combination Up the multi-storey structure.

Production Process

Laminated film The main production process has the following five:

Dry compound method

The method is a method in which a binder is applied to a surface of a substrate by a laminating machine, and the heating roller is pressed against the other film.

2. Wet compound method

Water-soluble adhesives (gelatin, starch), water-dispersible adhesives (vinyl acetate latex, etc.) are coated on the surface of the substrate in a wet state and compounded with other materials, followed by roll adhesion and drying.

3. Extrusion method

This is the most commonly used method for compound processing. The PP, PE, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) ion resin and the like are extruded into a film by an extruder, and are coated with a process agent (polyethyleneimine, Polyurethane-based resin, etc.) on a variety of films to be compounded, and then by cooling, curing.

4. Hot melt compound method

The resin is blended with a coating agent such as rosin, xylene resin, styrene resin and paraffin wax, and the like is applied to the surface of the film, the surface of the aluminum foil, and the other side Cooling method.

5. Co-extrusion method

The method is made up of two or three extruders at the same time forming two or more layers of film, T die method and blow molding method, can carry out a variety of composite, can produce ultra-thin film.

Identification of Laminated Films

In the packaging film, especially food and other packaging materials that need to be isolated from the air, laminated film applications more. Intuitive is not easy to identify, the following method is simple:

1. Tear the film, observe the fracture, if the jagged shape is generally laminated; if the section is more smooth, compared to single-layer film. The smoothness of the laminated film directly affects the final quality of the entire product, so the control of the smoothness of the laminated film is a key point in the production of the product and the most important item of the quality control project. The degree is actually the control of the friction coefficient. Now on the control of laminated film friction coefficient to talk about personal summary.

1, should first control the raw material PE suppliers

The supplier should develop a different coefficient of friction coefficient of different product categories, suppliers should have such a sense can fundamentally solve this problem. PE film suppliers at present the level of uneven production technology, so select the supplier as much as possible to consider a certain level of production technology manufacturers, and in the formal cooperation before the provisions of the receipt criteria, such as the occurrence of quality deviation to compensate for losses and so on. At the same time in the next PE orders should also be marked when used for the package or bag.