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Laminating Film Heat Sealing Material
Sep 15, 2017

Laminating film Heat sealing material

Composite packaging of the heat sealing layer due to the different use of different areas and functional, the use of materials is different, each heat sealing material which features and different, the following will be your one by one analysis.

First, polyethylene film

For the composite heat sealing layer of polyethylene, mainly low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene (also some products used in the density and high density polyethylene film to do heat sealing layer), and generally more use of two polyethylene A certain proportion of blending after use. According to the different processing methods, can be divided into blown film, cast film and extrusion coating film. The thickness of the composite polyethylene film, depending on the requirements of the package, choose a different thickness, thin can be about 20μ, thick can be greater than 100μ. Since there are many additives in the resin for the production of the film, especially the slip agent, attention should be paid to the migration of the additive in production.

Metallocene polyethylene can be said to be a revolution in polyethylene resin, making the film made of metallocene polyethylene, a good thermal adhesive strength, heat sealing strength, there is a certain anti-sealing pollution performance. At present, metallocene polyethylene and low density polyethylene blends production of the film, has been in the oil bag, shampoo bag, laundry powder package and other aspects of extensive use. At present, most of the composite packaging of the heat seal layer made of polyethylene, such as instant noodles, biscuits, mustard, pickles and so on. Blowing plastic film and cast film in the middle of the process to be subject to EDM, the film surface tension greater than 38 dyne / cm. Second, polypropylene film

Polypropylene film can also be divided into blown film (under the water cooling method), cast film and extrusion coating film. In polypropylene films, cast polypropylene film (ie, CPP film) is the most used one, it is mainly used in high temperature cooking package, high transparency requirements of packaging, with CPP thin film made of aluminum foil CPP (VmCPP), used in the packaging of puffed food, instant noodles and other packaging.

High temperature cooking CPP and aluminum with CPP raw materials and ordinary CPP with different raw materials, there are special requirements, high temperature cooking In addition to the general binary copolymer, the block copolymer, its high temperature should be The best; and the raw material of the aluminized CPP is preferably a terpolymer. Some enterprises in order to save costs, the product is not demanding, with polypropylene blown film for the inner layer is also sufficient. The surface of the film is also subjected to EDM, preferably to a film having a surface tension greater than 40 dynes / cm.