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Laminating Film Earthquake Protection
Sep 26, 2017

Laminating film Earthquake protection

Laminated film is to soften the transparent body film after heating, the opening of the vacuum suction, the paste film attached to the cardboard (or bubble cloth and other floor), even if the product tightly tight between the film and cardboard, with a strap And the effect of earthquake protection. Widely used in hardware, measuring tools, stationery, toys, knife tableware, electronics, lighting, decorations, handicrafts, food and other industries.

What are the advantages of laminates:

1. Replacement of Pauli Long (foam): according to the national environmental regulations have begun to disable, and account for space, increase the cost of transport and stacking space.

2. Replacement of PVC plastic film (blister): plastic film in addition to containing toxic chlorine, the need for mold fees and adhesives, and the price is high, accounting for space, easy to cause the appearance of packaging defects.

3. Moisture-proof: because the film and the items completely close fit, and for the vacuum packaging, space to achieve the smallest, excellent moisture resistance, so do not add desiccant, save unnecessary costs.

4. Beautiful: This package is softened by the film heating, according to the appearance of the product extension attached to the product pattern pattern at a glance, beautiful and tidy, highly valuable sense of value, increase the desire to buy.

5. Good protection: the entire circuit board or a number of components, after packaging can be fixed, each piece close to each other, so in the delivery delivery on the way, good fixation, will not produce friction caused by scratches.

6. Save cost: the use of vacuum forming packaging Each product to be open a mold, product variety, the use of vacuum body packaging free mold, all kinds of products can be packaged for the shape, easy to save time to reduce the cost of the sample.

7. High efficiency options: the use of body-mounted packaging can choose manual or automatic packaging machine, according to the work platform, one or more packaging, time-saving and efficient, and simple and safe operation, the operator without the need for special expertise.

Laminated film with sand leaching raw materials developed by a special formula and process can be solved with the traditional laminated film or other body film packaging surface smooth products produced by the "charring" or bubble phenomenon, so that after the product packaging flawless.

So what do you know under what circumstances should you use a laminated film? Let us know below:

1, product body packaging on the membrane transparency requirements are very high, need to achieve the same transparency of the crystal.

2, packaging film in the body after the plastic packaging, the film can be sucked around the product at right angles, the film was very in place.

3, after testing the other laminated film, still can not achieve the expected body paste packaging effect, you can consider using laminated film.