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Laminating Film Construction Elements
Jul 13, 2017

Laminating film Construction elements

Composite Membrane Construction - Characteristics and Construction Elements of Composite Geomembrane

Composite geomembrane is widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, transportation, waste disposal, tailings treatment, and highway and other infrastructure projects. It has what kind of characteristics so that many users have come to order and use it? There are three features that other materials can not be compared, in addition to composite geomembrane itself is also important to the construction elements.

1, composite geomembrane has a permanent waterproof performance: because the composite geomembrane natural inorganic materials, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes, it will not occur aging or corrosion phenomenon, so waterproof performance lasting.

2, the construction is simple, short duration: and other waterproof materials, composite geomembrane construction is relatively simple, do not need to heat and paste.

3, from the impact of temperature: in the cold weather conditions, composite geomembrane will not brittle.

Geomembrane cutting, in order to construction when the membrane and film splicing, each side of the 10cm wide patchwork. Before the laying of the composite geomembrane should check the appearance of quality, geomembrane is not allowed to have trachoma, defect impurities, record and repair the mechanical damage and other defects, serious to be replaced. Geomembrane connection using automatic crawling heat welder for film welding seam way. Welding must be removed when the membrane surface dirt, to ensure that the membrane surface clean. Membrane and membrane joint formation and overlap about 5cm before welding.

    Production of composite geotextile composite process and composite geomembrane welding attention to several elements: composite geotextile structure and performance to form a both diafiltration, isolation, drainage and reinforcement can enhance the new composite geotextile , The meridional biaxial composite geotextile set of non-woven fabric hydrodynamic advantages and warp-knit biaxial structure of the mechanical advantages in one.

    Geomembrane application is very extensive, construction problems encountered how to solve is also a problem. HDPE geomembrane is the most widely used geotextile landfill geomembrane, which is made of high-molecular polyethylene through blow molding or flat extrusion made of impermeable material, has a strong durability.

    Geomembrane expansion and contraction deformation larger, so the construction should be left out of the thermal expansion and contraction of the material shrinkage. HDPE geomembrane laying the same day to complete the day, to minimize wrinkles and drag, and should not pull too tight, otherwise it will be due to local deformation caused by excessive stress, resulting in HDPE geomembrane damage.

    Protection of HDPE geomembrane during leachate gravel guide layer construction. Leachate drainage layer generally use pebbles or gravel and other materials, the thickness should not be less than 30 cm, due to large landfill area, gravel paving the amount of work is very large, how to solve the cranes in the HDPE geomembrane transport, The problem of preventing the destruction of the HDPE geomembrane during the paving process is critical. In this project after several field tests, the use of sub-construction mode of operation, with each laying four films as a unit, in the HDPE geomembrane laying 5 mm thick steel plate as a material transport channel, according to a certain distance laying 1.5 m thickness Above the gravel sidewalk, and then use the excavator in the sidewalk from the inside to the outside paving gravel. Through the anti-leakage detection, this construction measures on the HDPE geomembrane protection effect is very good, very little damage to HDPE geomembrane.