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Laminating Film Composites
Sep 05, 2017

Laminating film Composites

Daily use to the transparent vacuum bag and transparent packaging film, the appearance is not see the difference, but the use of the effect is completely different, and some need to vacuum packaging storage, some are refrigerated packaging, some high temperature cooking packaging, All kinds of packaging using the composite materials are not the same, how to identify these materials? In general, it should be considered from the following aspects: thickness, stretching, burning, solvent, transparency, odor, and other.

OPP film

 1, thickness: OPP film commonly used thickness of 20 ~ 40um, glue bag thickness of OPP 55um;

 2, tensile strength and transparency: OPP film vertical and horizontal have a higher tensile strength, the appearance is very transparent;

 3, burning and smell: OPP burning without smoke, after a bit white smoke, and sour;

 4, solvent: solvent does not reflect;

 5, OPP film has a good waterproof, moisture permeability.


1, burning: burning when the candle flavor, and white smoke;

2, stretching: the longitudinal direction is greater than the transverse tensile strength;

3, transparency: CPP> PE;

4, CPP in the heat sealing film is the best: high temperature 130 ℃, but can not be low temperature, 0 ℃ below optional CPP.


1, film tensile strength: transverse tensile strength greater than the longitudinal tensile strength;

2, burning: burning white smoke, and a candle flavor;

3, solvent: then the solvent does not reflect;

4, cast production. ⊕


1, the film commonly used thickness of 12um;

2, longitudinal and transverse tensile strength than OPP film is good;

3, transparency is better than OPP film;

4, burning black smoke, tasteless;

5, PET film than other films have to ring;

6, PET film has a good oxygen barrier, so good fragrance;

7, high temperature, can be sealed at a very high temperature;

8, VMPET single-sided aluminum, a small piece of friction before the production, a friction surface for the aluminum surface for the composite printing surface.