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Laminated Sheet Blanking
Nov 21, 2016

Laminate is will cotton, and paper, and glass fiber, material pre immersion resin in the, high temperature suppressed and into of, common of laminate has ring oxygen glass cloth laminate, and phenolic resin cloth laminate, and artificial MICA laminate,, pressure out of Board is is big of a, according to using requirements again CD cut need of size and shape, this article articles small series, about laminate of rushed CD processing.

Laminate cutting certain stress, because it is a multilayer structure, bad word prone to delamination, thicker than 1.5mm plates, need to be heated for blanking. Heating of different material specifications are as follows: laminated cardboard heating temperature 80 ¡æ ~90 ¡æ heating time per mm thickness 5~8min; laminated cloth Board temperature 80 ¡æ ~90 ¡æ heating, heating 5~8min mm thick; glass cloth laminated version of the heating temperature of 110 ° c ~130 c, heating time per mm thick 5~8min. Laminate belonging to non-metallic materials, its punch elastic deformation, under normal circumstances, products appearance after leaving die swell, after leaving the punch holes in narrow, after hot stamping parts cooling shrinkage and drying shrinkage will make changes in its size, calculated according to a specific formula.

Blanking is a common means of industrial processes, steps and diverse, including shearing, blanking, piercing, cutting, cutting and threw several technologies developed modern, you can write programs directly according to the drawing, entered into a computer, using computer-controlled cutting machine, that produced the product, almost no errors output, high efficiency. Wuxi Wei State composite epoxy boards, using CNC reinforcement, high quality, welcome to the drawings.