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Laminate Products Can Be Divided Into The Following Two
Nov 21, 2016

Performance depending on the substrate and the adhesive and laminate molding process. Depending on their composition, properties and heat resistance, laminated products can be divided into the following two types.

(1) the organic substrate laminated products-wood pulp paper, fiber paper, cotton cloth, such as reinforcing material. Long-term service temperature up to 120 ℃, synthetic products were also developed for reinforcements.

(2) inorganic substrate laminate – inorganic glass fiber cloth, alkali-free glass fiber mat reinforced. Long-term temperature is 130~180℃, even up to a higher temperature, varies with adhesive resin.

Laminated plastic products according to the shape and purpose into laminate, laminated tubes, laminated and molded products. Printed circuit copper-clad laminates and as high-voltage electrical capacitive type capacitor casing casing plastic core, is of two kinds of special laminated plastic products.

Laminated phenolic paper laminated sheets of the application (application of phenolic panels in different seasons), high mechanical strength, excellent resistance to moisture and heat resistance, good electrical characteristics (less), easy processing, widely used in electrical products. Phenolic paper laminated sheets density of about 1.35g/cm ³, half lighter than aluminum, in aviation and other structures with a lot.