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Laminate Countertops Pros And Cons
Nov 21, 2016

Style: laminate surface texture of the surface could accurately imitate other materials, such as granite, Slate, and wood, and the effect is realistic.

Maintenance: easy maintenance, use a neutral detergent.

Sealing: do not.

Durability: can withstand high temperature pan and will not absorb spilled wine, oil, and hot drinks. Laminate countertops can even withstand scratches and chemical corrosion, hard smooth surface is easy to keep clean. If placed as a chopping with the chopping block table, to select a thicker to withstand high pressure, guaranteed service life.

Flexibility: it is the only DIY cut countertop material.

Special Note: its base material is MDF, veneer surface layer of fireproofing material and decoration, need to use HPL veneer, PVC veneer, metal edge to hide sections of wood substrate, in the corner table-tailor-junction junction, lacks effective means of treatment, usually made of silicone glue, plastic and special metal embedded in order to increase the appearance. In addition, as there are restrictions on the length of laminate and natural stone, cross parts of the joint is difficult, whether using Silicone adhesive strip or with a metal caulking, cannot achieve perfect seamless whole. These gaps is naturally bacterial contamination "incubators".