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How To Choose The Thickness Of The Laminating Film?
Jan 12, 2017

     The thickness of the laminating film takes micron as the measuring unit.In addition to business card,it generally starts from 50micron,60micron,70micron,80micron,90micron,100micron,125micron,150micron,175micron,the thickest has 200micron,250micron.

     The most commonly used is 80micron,100micron.That how to choose the right laminating film has a direct relationship to encapsulation thickness of the material. In general, if you want to seal the thicker paper, you can use the thin laminating film. Such as photos can use 60micron.

     Next,it is related to the purpose of your requirements.Some people want to improve the stiffness of materials after laminated,they can choose the thicker laminating film.And it is best to choose the thicker laminating film as possible.Others’ requirments just in order to protect the material, then from the perspective of economy,they can try to use thin film.