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Glossy Laminating Film Product Structure
Jul 01, 2017

Glossy Laminating Film product structure

Product structure HNP-CL reaction Bonding polymer wet shop waterproofing membrane (reaction adhesive sealant green and black cross-strength film) is designed for sealing waterproof and concrete components combined with the functional membrane, it can be with cement gel or The synergistic reaction of cast-in-place concrete, through the synergistic effect of chemical reaction and physical reaction, can be firmly bonded together with concrete, the bond strength is large, and it is not reversible and will not be affected by environmental factors. Can form a layer of irreversible solid seal on the concrete layer of the reaction layer, play a membrane waterproof and waterproof coating of the dual effect, to avoid the phenomenon of channeling, especially for moisture or moisture waterproofing works. Green black and white cross material strength film is a special 45 ° oblique laminated high density PE polyethylene film, laminated laminated multi - layer composite structure. With advanced technology to create a strong cross-mode not only high dimensional stability, but also thermal stability, high strength, two-way tear resistance and high extensibility. Especially for wet or moisture some high-level waterproofing works.

Construction process grass-roots clean-up, repair, wetting → node seal, additional reinforcement layer → preparation of cement slurry → shell test bed → tearing the bottom of the separation of paper → scraping cement paste → roll paving (roll method, Lift the method) → roll out of the exhaust → coiled lap, the end of the seal → finished product conservation and protection → inspection repair → quality acceptance 2 tool preparation ①, grass-roots cleaning tools: wire brush, broom, small shovel, hammer and so on. 2, construction tools: iron trowel, electric stirrer, dosing bucket (custom 66.5 to 133 liters), wood scraper, plastic scraper, rubber pressure roller, scissors or paper knife, chalk, steel tape, Wait. ③, protective tools: uniforms, helmets, rubber gloves, flat rubber shoes and so on.

Grass-roots requirements of the grass-roots surface should be solid, smooth, clean, fully moist without water, and meet the following conditions, which has been checked, the face transfer procedures: ① various components have been installed and fixed. ② removal of grass-roots surface oil, sand and other debris, protruding surface of the stones, mortar pimple, etc. should be clean. ③ yin and yang angle with cement mortar wiped into a circular arc, the smallest radius of the arc radius of 50, the radius of the arc radius of 20. ④ base surface if the water, sweep to construction.

 Grass-roots clean-up, repair, wetting on the base surface cleaning, repair, dry base surface should be fully moist, but no bright water. 3.2.2 node seal, additional reinforcement layer according to the specification requirements, the strengthening of the node parts, such as tube root edge, yin and yang angle, deformation joints do reinforcement layer processing; tube root with a special CPS seal paste seal, Reinforcement (avoid pulling). 3.2.3 Preparation of cement gel according to the cement: water = 2: 1 (weight ratio) ratio of the first water into the original prepared slurry tank, and then the cement into the water, soak for 15 to 20 minutes and fully soaked After the temperature is high, the base surface is dry, add about 5% of the amount of cement construction adhesive (water retaining agent), with electric mixer stirring for not less than 5 minutes.