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Glossy Laminating Film Functional Characteristics
Jul 13, 2017

Glossy Laminating Film Functional characteristics

Waterproof film is also called waterproof breathable membrane, breath paper, waterproof release film, water blocking film, isolation film; English called Waterproof membrane. Is a new type of polymer waterproof material. From the production process, the technical requirements of waterproof film than the general high waterproof material; at the same time from the quality point of view, waterproof film also has other waterproof materials do not have the functional characteristics.

one. Waterproof membrane of the role and benefits

  Waterproof and breathable membrane is also known as windproof and waterproof membrane is pavement in the building envelope insulation (insulation) layer of a layer of functional film, for curtain wall, pressure plate, steel structure, masonry and other complex External walls and sloping roofs, through the maintenance of structural insulation (insulation) layer of the package to reduce water and air penetration of the building, while the envelope and indoor tide to be discharged, effectively avoid mold and condensate in the wall And the formation of the roof to ensure that the insulation (insulation) material performance play, so as to achieve energy conservation, improve the role of building durability. Waterproof Pneumatic Membrane It consists of durable, UV resistant polyolefin material. Can prevent hot air, cold air and moisture from penetrating into your house, thereby effectively reducing the heating and cooling of energy consumption. Can help prevent fungi and rot. two. History of waterproof membrane development:

  The first generation, shoes, clothing, tents, sleeping bags first in order to achieve waterproof, windproof, just covered with waterproof plastic in the fabric to achieve the purpose of waterproofing, this material and craft products can be resistant to certain water pressure, but absolutely not Will be breathable, and poor waterproof permeability.

  The second generation, PU film, which is a very good water pressure material, the product fabric with the compound together, you can do better waterproof stability, its high-end products may be a little through the wet function, but the effect is very ideal. Such as: the market existing KING-TEX.

  The third generation, TPU film, developed on the basis of PU film, than the PU film in the breathable, moisture, water pressure have improved, is a substitute PU film waterproof breathable film, domestic TING-TEX, KING -TEX and so on.

  The fourth generation, EPTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the latest generation of waterproof breathable materials, world-class factory are using this material, combined with their own research and development of composite processing technology to develop their own different brands of EPTFE composite fabric, Waterproof breathability are the best of today. In the international market have outstanding performance are: GORE-TEX (the United States Gore company developed, open to the world's outdoor products company selected), OMNI-TECH (US COLUMBIA company developed, only for its own brand) FIRST-TEX (US FBA International Group developed, only used in the designated brand, the first US outdoor brand in 2014 in the use of such materials), EVENT (in recent years the rapid rise of waterproof and breathable professional materials business development), TEXPORE ( Germany JACKWOLFSKIN company developed, only for its own brand use) and other well-known international materials or well-known outdoor brand company exclusive development of professional waterproof breathable materials. three. Industry application

 Building materials

  In the construction industry, waterproof breathable film, also known as waterproof through the membrane. Divided into standard waterproof breathable film, slope roof waterproof breathable film, slope roof general waterproof breathable film.

 2. Automotive exterior lighting

  Modern society, the use of universal cars, transport process will encounter different weather and road conditions. Lamps are always exposed to the external environment, dust, rain and snow, road dirt and mud will affect the lighting of the lights, thus affecting the safety of the vehicle running process. The sudden drop in the external temperature will cause the internal pressure to drop, so that the device is easy to inhale pollutants and increase fog, resulting in vehicle failure. The product can provide long-lasting protection against external water vapor, dust, oil and other dirt. At the same time the product unique ventilation function with the pressure changes in the gas exchange, thereby reducing the pressure on the seal to extend the product life.

  A. reduce the fog of the headlights

  Effective ventilation can significantly reduce fog, up to 50%

  The common installation reduces the complexity of product design

  Reliable performance and reduced test costs.