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Elaborate In High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet
Nov 21, 2016

Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet is widely used in electronic and electrical products, it has excellent electrical properties, thermal properties and machining performance. Its role a lot, which can be used directly in the electronic and electrical, and can also be processed into parts, covered with foil after, is a printed circuit board substrate of CCL. This small series will tell you more about this material.

Epoxy board modern invention is a product, in the early 90 's when abroad began to develop heat-resistant sheet to withstand more heat, after a lot of research, its glass transition temperature control between 140 ℃ to 200℃, and meet the needs of different products with high temperature resistant. These can be implemented by changing the formula and process requirements. With the progress of the times and people's increasing demand for products in Europe and other developed countries, generators generator manufacturer in the production of 600MV above, requires the use of more than is required and high temperature at 180 ° c epoxy glass cloth laminated board. Epoxy glass cloth laminated board even after aging for more than 30 days, its flexural strength needed to keep the original 80%. It's more of a challenge.

Production of the main raw material of epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet with epoxy resin and glass fiber prepreg fibreglass, resin and then pressed at a high temperature. Many types of epoxy boards, yellow, Aqua, black and white, fire-retardant, not flame retardant, halogen, halogen-free. Wuxi State composites Ltd offers different kinds of epoxy boards, if you have this requirement please call to purchase.