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Do You Know What The Advantages Of Laminating Film?
Jan 18, 2017

        First: The material,the main production material of laminating film uses BOPET material as its main raw material.We all know that this material is an international public certification of all green materials, so in its use of the process,it does not produce any toxic substances and also does not send some toxic gases to endanger the health of the human body; at the same time retaining laminating film sealing material is also the choice of international environmental protection materials, such as the Samsung brand of EVA glue, so not only to protect the laminating film a good sealing effect,at the same time it will not produce harmful substances.

       Second: Applicable Scope, in general, any type of the material need help with the propect of the laminating film, such as documents, passports and graphic materials such as paper materials, or some by the plant Of the leaf specimens, etc., we can use the laminating film to protect the card, because it can effectively ensure that these substances remain dry long-term and less susceptible to mold, thus ensuring that the information and documents are not compromised .                         

       Third: security, when using the laminating film does not need provide any other sealing operation, such as sol, so that effectively ensure the health of the human body, so the most of the material for the sol will be distributed to the human body Harmful odor or material, so that at the source it eliminates the damage to the human body ,at the same time ensure a good seal.

Fourth: We can also choose laminating film to pack some things, because it chooses the environmentally friendly materials, in line with China's food hygiene and safety requirements.