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Considerations for using laminator
Jan 17, 2017

1, Environmental influences to laminate : 

       Laminator preheating stable time is under the influence of environment temperature,when the ambient temperature is high,lamination temperature can be more balanced,when the ambient temperature is low, it will be in fast heat dissipation,solaminating needs a long time to reach equilibrium and stability of temperature.We need avoid laminating the files right now when opening the machine,because the temperature of rubber rolls is not totally heated only some points arrive the temperature.

Usually it needs about at least 10minutes to laminate after opening the laminator. The laminating machine work environment designed to 5-40, relative humidity is less than80%, and noncorrosive gases. So most seasons and climates laminating machine can work properly, and will not affect the plastic effect.

2,Rubber roll  influences to laminate : 

       It will affect the quality when laminating if the rubber rolls is becoming harder or broken, it will result some laminating pouches not laminating well,at that time we need change rubber roller in time.

3, Laminating quality 

      After laminating the files,we should check whether the certificates are transparent, flat, be firmly sealed. 

Here are some phenomena:

1)If the file is not laminated tightly, we should consider may be the laminating temperature is too low;If the file is curved and plicated,we need consider whether the laminating temperature is too high or the pressure is too strong.

2)If it appears some white printing shadow or bubbles, we should consider the seal temperature is right or not.

3)If the adhesive occurs during the plastic spill, we should consider the plastic temperature is too high or too much pressure.

       In addition, except the proper operation and using of the laminator, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the laminating machine regularly.