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Commonly Use Laminating Pouch Problem
Jan 09, 2017

Question 1:A piece of mist white dots

The cause of the problem:

1、The temperature failed to reach the set point.

2、Temperature setting is not enough

The solution:

1When the set temperature about laminating machine is reached.

2、Setting the temperature to the required temperature corresponding thickness


Question 2A bubble point

The cause of the problem:

1、The temperature is too high.

2、Laminating machine rubber roller have impurities

The solution:

1、Appropriate temperature

2、Clean the impurity on the rubber roller


Question 3A plastic wrinkling is uneven

The cause of the problem:

1The temperature is too high.

2laminating machine rubber is not smooth

The solution:

1Appropriate temperature

2Check whether the rubber roller is perfect condition


Question 4: non-stick paper and photo is fog

The cause of the problem: The temperature is too low.

The solution:Appropriate increase in temperature


Question 5Photo quads non-stick or empty edges and bubbles

The cause of the problem:

1、laminating machine rubber roller pressure is not enough.

2、The temperature is not enough.

The solution:

1Tighten laminating machine rubber roller pressure.

2Higher temperature

Above is for reference only.